Auckland Wide Electrical Limited was formed by Carl and Melanie Llewelyn in July 2002.

Carl Llewelyn Melanie Llewelyn master electrican registered electrician sparky auckland auckland sparky electrican auckland auckland electrician Carl has a New Zealand Certificate in Engineering (NZCE) Electrical, and has been a Registered Electrician since completing his apprenticeship in April 1998.

Prior to forming Auckland Wide Electrical Carl worked for several electrical companies over a period of seven years. These companies gave Carl a broad range of experience in commercial, light industrial and domestic electrical work. Carl has also worked in London doing commercial building maintenance (electrical).

Since its establishment in 2002 Auckland Wide Electrical has grown steadily each year. After one year in business Carl took on a second electrician to work with him and then another year later took on an apprentice. Next year we employed another electrician, then another apprentice.

The business initially was run from a home office but now the company has a separate large office and workshop space.  We have also installed the SmartTrade job management software to improve customer service and job management as we grow.




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