The Fire Denyer

A smoke alarm system that does more than just make a noise!

The Fire Denyer is specifically designed to prevent fires caused by an abandoned or discarded heat source. These types of fires are the most common type of house fire and are largely caused by people, while cooking, being distracted in some way (visitor, tired, infirm, pets, children, telephone, television, drink etc) and the forgotten cooking overheats, smokes, then ignites. The Fire Denyer works on a simple concept. Turn off the power and or gas, when smoke has been detected, before the cooking ignites.

This product also has great add-on features for people who cannot hear a smoke detector pitch. This smoke detector system can be intstalled into existing as well as new homes, and can be linked into your home security system.

Auckland Wide Electrical is the Auckland South/East Distributor for this innovative product.

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The Fire Denyer featured recently on
TV3's "Campbell Live" and is being
installed in Housing NZ homes
throughout New Zealand.
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